page contents Pakistani Showbiz : Naveen (Navin) Waqar marries Azfar Ali


Naveen (Navin) Waqar marries Azfar Ali

Azfar Ali and Navin Waqar with Naveen's parents
This is probably the most shocking story of the year that actress Naveen Waqar marrying director Azfar Ali who was previously married to actress Salma Hassan. Everyone knew that Naveen was getting married but it was a shock to see that she is marrying Azfar Ali. Salma and Azfar seemed like a happy couple with a beautiful daughter and the divorce just happened few months before Naveen and Azfar's marriage.

Navin Waqar Mehndi

Naveen Waqar Azfar Ali Walima

Naveen Waqar and Azfar Ali Marriage

Navin Waqar and Azfar Ali Wedding pics


  1. its shocking....

    1. yes hum sb shock main hain k yar azfar to salmak 7 itna khush dekhta tha n naveen ko kia hua ek shadi shuda mard sy shadi ki


  3. Totally shocking

  4. kabhi khush nahi raho gay dono slam jaisi pyari bivi ko chor ka i wish----(((((

  5. Naveen seriously what you did in humsafar and annie ki aaigi baraat is what you have done in your real life! you'r a "BITCH"!!

  6. Well if Azfar can leave his wife of 9 years and 2 kids, then who the hell is Naveen Waqar... Azfar will leave her too....! What goes around comes around. Karma Naveen wait n c.

  7. ali azfer kameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeney kuttey ...lkanat ho teree shakel per...kameeney tereee maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ki...!!!

  8. ali azfer tu kia samjhta hai main tujhey chordongi kameeney kuttey ,,,,keerey parey tujhey ...
    aur Naveen Waqartum !!! ttumko kia kahon main lanat ho teree shakel p kamini .......Dafa hojao mere dil se
    Humsafer main jo kia wo real main karbethi so sad!!! I hate yo both of you!huh!

  9. tum loog bohat batameez ho.


  10. The truth is that we dont have any details of the divorce, or this re -marriage, because it may be that we dont know the real story, so should we really be in a position to comment with rude remarks and insults?

    In fact if anyone has noticed then the whole story is very vague. All that we are told is that there was a divorce and now there is another marriage. How can you deduce from this general news who is what and who did what?

    So kindly brothers and sisters keep your cool and stay out of what you dont know and focus on improving yourselves and then your family members and communities.

    For Gods sake, go make a difference.

  11. janay katny logon ki badduayan layn lie tum logon nay...afsossss jo kisi ka ghar torty hain woh log khabhi khush nahi rahaty...

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Nice couple,My best wishes to you and dont listen what pepole sayin " Kuch tu loog kaahain gaaay loogo kaaa kaam hai kehna"

  14. Naveen waqar sookhi sarri....tum bad surat ho....ugly girl....huh.. u try to become a mod girl but sad .....pendu larki

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