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Pakistani Celebrity Moms

Model Fia with daughter
Nadia Hussain with daughter and son

Sabeena Pasha with her sons

Sara Raza with mom

Sabina Pasha with her sons

Vaneeza Ahmad with her baby

Sunita Marshal with her son

Veena Malik with her mom

Hiba Ali with son

Ayesha Sana and son

Amber Arshad and mom

Aliya Imam and son

Mehreen Raheal with mom Simi

Shaista Wahidi with daughter and mom

Shaista Wahidi with sons

Seemi with her sons

Sawera Pasha with mom

Sophiya with son

Sahiba with mom Nisho and brother

Nida Yasir with son and daughter

Nadia Hussain with son and daughter

Mehwish Hayat with mother

Saba Hamid with daughter Meesha Shafi

Maira Khan with mom

Madiha Rizvi and mom Deeba Begum

Laila Zuberi with daughter

Juggan Kazim with son Hamza

Meesha Shafi with daughter

Javeria Jalil with mom and daughter

Javeria Abbasi with daughter

Jibran Syed with mom

Farah Hussain with sons

Danish Nawaz with mother

Atiqa Odho with mother and daughter

Aminah Haq and her mom

Humaima Malik and her mom

Iffat Umar with her mom

Neelum Munir and her mom

Kanwal Nazar with her mom

Nazia Hassan with her son

Erum Akhtar with her sons


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